Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies

Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies [Fed.MES] was orginally formed in 1916 as “The Burma Engineering Congress”. In 1927, the name was changed to “The Association of Engineers in Burms”. Due to the out-break of World War II, its activities cooled down during the period 1939-1945.

“The Association of Engineers in Burma” resumed its regular activities in 1946 and steadily picked up momentum.

Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies [Fed.MES] was officiatly formed on 23rd Dec, 1995 in the Assembly Hall of YIT with unaminous approal of some 800 engineers and architects present on the occasion.

(1)  To enable engineers and architects to participate with their utmost capability, using their expertise for the development of architecture as the base and all-round development of other sectors of economy as well.

(2)  To enable engineers and architects all over the country to actively participate in harmony in the development and dissemination of engineering and architectural knowledge and in nation-building tasks.

(3)  Besides B.E / B.Arch. degree holders , diploma holders in engineering and other kinds of engineers, those who actively take part in in the development of engineering and architecture , individuals and organizations that are enthusiastically supporting for the development of society are to have access to the different levels of membership.

(4)  To maintain and uplift the standard and prestige of engineering and architectural profession and to enable engineers and architects to be fully aware of their duties and responsibilities and the professional ethics.

(5)  To assist in building up a modern developed nation by means of seminar and talks concerning good traditions, knowledge and experiences; by organizing excursions; and by conducting courses for new generation engineering students and young engineers and architects so that well-informed, resourceful technical manpower can be produced.

(6)  To be able to widely undertake tasks such as doing research, reading papers, conducting seminars and publishing journals to develop engineering and architectural knowledge.

(7)  To provide stipend to students and required aids including cash to researchers for the promotion of the academic studies.

(8)  To occasionally evaluate the performance of professional engineers and architects and to designate them at appropriate levels of membership.

(9)  To extend sub-organizations of respective engineering and architectural studies by the time when Fed.MES get settled, in order to concentrate on and effectively carry out the tasks of individual fields as engineering and architectural fields are very wide and continuously improving.

(10)  If necessary, to set up regional offices such as state / division, district, township level Fed.MES branch offices within the country to be able to carry out the tasks smoothly.

(11) To make contact with overseas academic and economic organizations (non-profitable & non-political organizations) accordingly for the benefit of the state and its people.


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