Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

BNU has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as old as Chinese modern education. It developed from the Faculty of Education at Metropolitan University established in 1902, the first university in Chinese history with the main mission of training excellent teachers and specialists. It was renamed Beijing Normal University in 1923.

BNU has always developed along the route of self-improvement deepening the educational reform and steadily raising the level and quality of education. In addition, BNU has attached great importance to academic development and shaped itself into a reasonably-structured, diversified and comprehensive university. BNU now covers all the disciplines issued by the State Council Committee except agriculture, medicine and military affairs.

Over the last one hundred years, the faculty and the students, motivated by a strong sense of responsibility for the nation and people, have striven to live up to the motto "of studies, be the master. Of behavior, be the model". BNU has developed into a vital education and research base for multi-disciplinary and advanced studies.

BNUZ is jointly established by BNU and Zhuhai Municipal Government under the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. It is a tertiary institution providing full-time study for students, focusing on undergraduate education. It is located in Zhuhai, a coastal city in Guangdong Province. Covering over 5,000 mu of land, which is about 850 acres, it provides modern, high quality, newly constructed teaching and living facilities including libraries, teaching buildings, an international exchange center, dormitories, staff apartments, cafeterias and so on. It boasts a tranquil and beautiful environment and is an ideal place for students to pursue their studies.

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