University of Tehran

Rooted in Jondi Shapur University which goes back over 2,000 years, the University of Tehran in its traditional form was established seven centuries ago. It was founded firstly in religious seminaries (“Houza” or traditional religious schools). During the modern era, the University of Tehran evolved from a religious structure to a more modern and academic structure of higher education.

The University of Tehran was inaugurated in the winter of 1934. The academic staff of the University consists of 1,650 full-time faculty members and several hundred part-time and adjunct professors and affiliated members. The University has 19,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students, also employs 3,000 personnel who work at the different offices, institutes and centers.

University of Tehran is structured to meet the following goals and objectives:

1,To respond to the society’s needs: Researches are implemented based on the requests of private sector and government authorities, as well as industries. In the same direction Government-University-Industry linkage (GUI), has become a policy of the University of Tehran to bring about a strong linkage.

2,Training professors for other universities of the country has been the second priority.

3,Internationalization of the University is currently another major drive. It is sought through the improvement of standards of the research and education at the high international levels, moving to the edge of knowledge, increasing the international cooperation and presence, increasing exchange programs, and increasing the number of foreign students.

4,To become a top knowledge-based University: This task has been through moving on the edge of knowledge, processing knowledge to technology through the Science and Technology Parks and many incubators is another task at UT. The incubators aim to support minor and weak corporations by providing them with a range of financial, consultancy and training services.

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